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Digital Impressions

Messy gloppy impressions used to be unavoidable in producing a replica of your teeth and gums. The Cadent iTero Digital scanner is a precise, sophisticated, minimally intrusive system, whereby the tip of a hand-held wand is the only thing that touches your teeth. Using 100,000 points of laser lights, a series of scans are taken and the system stitches all of them together to create a 3-D virtual model of the target area, the adjacent teeth and the bite.

Your comfort comes first with us. Traditional dental impressions can be messy, cause gagging or discomfort, and taste bad. iTero replaces the tray and putty system with convenient digital imaging. This exciting technology allows us to deliver the progressive dental care, while providing our patient with the utmost comfort.

By gently placing the small, handheld iTero wand in your mouth,they system captures highly detailed images and dimensions of teeth and gums. The images appear instantly on a monitor, so they can be reviewed by the doctors. The images can be sent to our lab technician for use in fabricating your custom dental work. With iTero Digital Imaging, An impeccable fit for custom crowns, bridges, and other restorations can be achieved avoiding the old-fashioned mess and discomfort.

Benefits of iTero include:

  • More precise than a traditional dental impression
  • Takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete a scan and less time than a tray impression
  • Lets you take a break during the impression process, if needed
  • Is comfortable and safe
  • Uses concentrated light, not radiation

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